Registration Forms 2019

Competitor registration for choreography categories will close on 4 November 2019 at midnight.

Your registration form, competitor pass purchase and music submission must be finalized by this date.

Competitor registration for Freestyle Categories and Battles will close on 18 November 2019 at midnight.

  • For choreography categories competitors only need to submit one registration form each.
    List all of your entries in the one form.

  • For all team entries an additional form must be submitted by the team leader.
    List all of team entries in the one form.
    Team members' names need to be listed in the form.

  • Competitors entering the freestyle heats and/or battles need to complete an additional form.



(17 yrs or less)


(18 years +)


(18 years +)


(18 years +)


(40 years +)


(by team leader)

Freestyle & Battles


(all levels)


(amateur & open)


(amateur & open)

Once you have submitted your registration form(s) you need to purchase your Competitor Pass and send in your choreography music to


All music must be in mp3 format ONLY.


If you are sending more than one music track, please attach only one music track per email.
It will help us enormously to have a much more organized online registry (and back up) of your music if you send in 1 registration/song per email.


Please label your music as follows:


Full Name of Competitor/team + Category + Division


Below are some examples to help you:


  - Emma Jones - Female Salsa Soloist - Pro Division

  - John Smith and Erika Lane - Salsa Duet - SemiPro Division

  - John Brown (amateur) & Eva White (pro) - Salsa On2 Couple - Pro-Am Division

  - Salsa Groove Academy - Partnered Latin Team - Open Division

For evening performance music please refer to the format/example below:


   - Dance School Name - Dance Style - Your State - Performance Night

   - Dancing Queens Academy - Kizomba - Brisbane/QLD - Saturday



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