The Judges for 2018

The judges for Salsa Solo 2018 have been selected according to experience, exposure to and knowledge of dancing.  

The finest teachers, dancers and entertainers from around Australia will be judging at Salsa Solo 2018, alongside our incredible international guest artists.


All WWS judges participate in a customized judges seminar to ensure the highest quality of judging and etiquette.

  • Billy Fajardo (USA)

  • Jhesus Aponte (Puerto Rico/Italy)

  • Fadi Fusion (Spain)

  • Michelle Morales (USA)

  • Brandon Ayala (USA)

  • Marco Faravelli (Italy)

  • Edyta Czagoweic (Poland)

  • Michael Boy (Brazil)

  • Aline Borges (Brazil)

  • Giulia michelini

  • Fabrizio Febi

  • Maxi Solis (Argentina)

  • Julia Fernandez (Spain)

  • Franklin Liranzo (USA)

  • Mari Yogo (Japan)

  • Chloe Robinson (NZ)

  • Jacob Roservear (NZ)

  • Rebecca Connaughton (NZ)

  • Sharon Pakir

  • Alex Bryan

  • Angela Fayth

  • Silvi Pereira

  • Briuno Ferreira

  • Allison Rodrigues

  • Elysia Baker

  • Sarah Evans

  • Debby Smits

  • Sherylanne McLeod

  • Pedro Gonzalez

  • Nathan Thorneycroft

  • Mitch Bilic

  • Csaba Szirmai